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Brayden Lewis
Awesome sturdy shoes

I am pretty hard on shoes. It doesn't shock me that every few months my Vans look like they have been tossed into an industrial paper shredder but these shoes are solid. The soles keep good traction with MTB pedals, they siding is easy to clean and the sole is stitched on, not just glued on. (Anyone else tired of soles coming unglued and leaving pockets for rocks and dirt?) The shoes don't breath much so they are a bit warm in the summer but overall they're pretty sweet!

Stephen Morgan

These are by far one of the best pairs of shoes that I've owned for BMX!! All around incredible shoe extremely satisfied I just wish the Michelin on the side of the shoe was in orange or white so you could read it I love when you can read Michelin on a pair of that means it looks so badass why you would block that out just besides me but other than that they are better than perfect if you could fathom

Emerson Tripoli
First MTB Shoe

This is my first MTB specific shoe after riding for about 2 years. What I like about it is that I don't notice it at all when I'm riding, just that my feet stick so well to the pedals. What I don't like is that it is sized too small. I've worn Etnies for years, and I always get a size 12. These are tight to put on, which isn't necessarily bad, but like another reviewer mentioned, your feet will feel like they are getting squeezed. As soon as I start riding, though, I don't notice it.

Brycen Hettinger
Best Shoes I have ever used.

These shoes are crazy comfy and insanely grippy, what is there to complain about!

Joshua Roschild
Awesome shoes

Stylish super comfy I love the water resistant aspect keeps my feet warm and dry if I skate home from work in the rain