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Travis Johnston
Grippy and made to take abuse

I love these shoes. Not my favorite colorway but the price was much more affordable than the colors I preferred. They are suoer grippy on my flat pedals. I race BMX, and ride trails several times a week and my first pair lasted about 6 months. That is an eternity compared to the Vans I wore before but only lasted me a month or two before they would start falling apart. In fact, the shoes themselves were still perfectly in tact but my gnarly pins on my pedals finally got the best of the rubber tread on the bottoms. Anyhow I'm on my second pair and will buy a third in a color I like if the price ever drops to an reasonable level. I wish this model and tread pattern came with Michelin rubber. I bought a pair of Cambers and I found the sole too stuff and the tread pattern way less grippy than this model. You can't gi wrong witg these, just try to catch them on sale, I know I cannit justify paying $100+ dollars for a pair of kicks that I'm going to wear while shredding the track/trails.

Super sweet mtn shoes

Very happy w these—have some stiffness for pedaling efficiency, sufficient grip even when wet and muddy, and dry quickly. Good pedal feel like a bmx shoe. Quality is really nice. Run true to size, standard toe box which is fine for riding even with some hike-a-bike climbs. I have hobbit feet so I don’t wear them for standard kicks, just riding out here in the gnars of Asheville NC

Nicholas Noble
A review

The shoes are awesome. I've always liked the stiffness & durability of Etnies. I was buying the Marana Michelin shoes for the last few years. The extra room for ankle guards in the Semunik pros I noticed right away. I always wear ankle guards riding bmx. So far they're exactly what I expected. I'll be watching for the next time the sales come around on the mtb line.

Good MTB shoes

I bought these shoes really because of Semenuk's video and I recently got back into Mountain biking! I had no Idea Etnies made it into the MTB scene so it was a no brainer! I had skated Etnies in the past but I find myself reaching for these over my 510's.

Sean Shiroma
Great on the downhill.

They are great. Just took them to Big Bear for some downhill and I love them.