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Matthew Pfan
Buying these since 2002

My favorite most, comfortable shoe. Bought my first pair in ‘02. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Actually bought two pair in case they discontinue before I can wear them out. Very affordable for the quality shoe. I don’t skate anymore but I haven’t grown up neither.

Don’t stop them… bring the brown suede back

That was the best pair of shoes I have ever had… you are ruining it guys…

Jay Cruz
Dope AF!!!!!

I’ve been sporting etnies since the mid 90s and there still **** awesome!!!!!

Dynasty In Making

Many many moons ago when the Low Cut II first came out, I bought a pair of the White and Navy, they were one of the most comfortable shoes and skate shoes I have had. I started skating in 1985 and I have been through them all Airwalk, Vision, Vans, et cetera. Yet, none, came with such refined versatility and comfort as did these. I brought them with me to Iraq and they suffered the end of their life after about 7 years maybe more. I buried them out there in the sandbox with proper honors. Saddened that I wouldn't have them again. About 7 years or so later I saw that Etnies brought them back, changed a bit but still the same. I bought every colorway too include 2 pairs of the White/Navy again. Of which I still retain one unused pair. I continue to buy these and hope they never stop as this Etnies Low Cut, in any version, has become a legacy in style, comfort, and skateability. Now, I don't put my bum over my head anymore on the vert course nor can I get up immediately after a toss on the street course, usually about 30 mins of contemplating why I torture myself. But I ask you Etnies, as other companies have faded away or lost their way, please don't follow the same path. Continue to make the Low Cut and give others the ability to enjoy this shoe and all its glory. They do sell out fast and I too sometimes miss the mark in getting my size but I even pay after market to get them as I love them dearly. I hold them as high as any other in my vast collection. Kepp it simple, keep it fresh, and never stop making them as they are synonymous with skating just as the Gazelle or Dunk. Simply I am a fan and always will be of the Low Cut. Great Job Etnies!!! Thank you. Lastly, I always get asked about these shoes and spread the word on this model. Hopefully it has helped even though I am only one person. Thanks again from a retired Soldier and should be retired Skater.

James Nickol