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James Taylor
Decent fit, a bit slimmer than expected

Not the skinniest, but if you have wide feet, get a size or two up.


Perfect for Onewheel.

Carey Bruns
Great shoe

Very protective. Sole lasts a very long time. Sizing a little tight, you may want to go up a half size. I think the material behind heel should come up a little higher. Otherwise dang near perfect. One of the best skateboarding shoes ever.

David Tianga


Ol Sokol OG
Hard-core DC skater dumps em for Etnies!

Ight so I was a dedicated DC guy till Adidas started making legit skate shoes,and no doubt some of my best skating has been in Adidas Busenitz and even some team models..I even bought a pair of Nike high top Rodriguez 7s marked down from 120$ to 40$ clearance that turned me into a **** flat ground cyborg...the problem w Adidas and Nike (for me) has always been 1.they don't last for the $,2. Most of them have been to narrow(except above mentioned). So one day im on Amazon an im like **** it,I've heard A LOT of good things said about etnies and they have a lower price point(for most part). So I pulled the trigger on a pair of Joslin vulcs and a pair of maranas..both WAY exceeded my expectations for what I paid! The Joslin vulcs fit perfectly as did the maranas..the Joslins were THE perfect flatground/low ledges/manny pad sneakers. I've skated them pretty hard and still no rips! The maranas obviously trade board feel for stability being cup souls,and the souls on the Joslins are def getting flat af despite them both being made by michellen..but thats a typical difference between cups an vulcs. The maranas are dope af and def have there merits..especially if ur a big drops and gaps and big rail guy,im not **** w that at 44 lol I pretty much stick to flatground,ledges and manny pads. The Joslins were the vibes for me but the maranas KICK **** as far as durability,longevity,and big impact skating..and they worked hella good for flatground,ledge,techy stuff too! So yo I ain't the one to be big upping product unless its 1. Designed for us core heads and 2. Made to the super legit standards that us core guys want and need...take it from an old dude w 30 yrs skating experience,u wanna **** w these shoes...str8 butta homie I promise u🤘🛹🤘