My name is Chase Hawk. I was born July 25, 1986 in Austin, Texas and currently reside there today. I was introduced to BMX by my dad buying me my first BMX bike when I was seven and haven't stopped since. I started out racing not too long after I got my first bike, and I raced for about seven years before a skatepark opened up near my house when I was thirteen. I rode at 9th Street on and off while I was racing, so I always had a dirt background, but as soon as the skatepark opened up I couldn't get away from it and soon after quit racing. It has been pretty crazy for me growing up in Austin seeing how it is one of the biggest travel destinations that most bike riders have on their to-go-to list. The amount of locals that I have seen come and go, and the amount of world travelers that have visited year after year has been pretty life changing and surreal. I feel fortunate to have experienced the scene grow from when I first started riding at a young age to now. Being able to ride with riders at a young age, such as Joe Rich, Robbie Morales, Taj Mihelich, Sandy Carson, and Ruben Alcantara (just to name a few), has shaped me into the rider I am today. I feel very fortunate to ride for etnies considering that some of my all-time heroes have been a part of this company. Good times will be had!?