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Loved etnies up to this show right here. Babied them as much as possible. And not even 30 days in. Entire sole blows out. My last pair of Jameson's lasted over a year. What gives etnies? This summer I'm skating in air walks looks like. Only because yours didn't make it.

Decent build, description inaccurate

Looking for a new pair of shoes to replace my aging Joslins, I was really excited when I read the details on these. When they arrived and I got a look at them first-hand, my excitement was dampened, to say the least. The "elastic tongue straps" in the description are mysteriously missing. No elastic tongue straps at all unless Etnies has pioneered some new invisible elastic. The "suede in the strong spots" is also curiously missing, or they've somehow found a supplier of leather that looks exactly like canvas. They're 100% canvas on top, no suede for "board flick".

If the uppers actually used suede in high-wear areas as advertised, or if they at least had the elusive tongue straps (my Joslins did, so I know Etnies knows how to put them in), these would be very decent shoes. But when the description is flat wrong, I don't know what to think. I wouldn't have bought solid-canvas shoes for skating, for reasons that most every skater understands.

Steve Campbell
Toe area too small

They left the knuckles of my toes raw. I am an exception. I am paralyzed and have been in a wheelchair since 2010. Because I don't walk, putting pressure on my feet and toes, my toes are curled. I wore a size 11.5 before my accident, so I wear 12s now to allow room for my toes. After "wearing" them (not walking) for a day, they left the knuckles of my toes raw. I had to return them. I like the color and style of the Fader VLC and I'd buy a size 13 but they are sold out of that size. Etnies, please make them again and I will buy a size 13.


Love these shoes, used to wear them back in the day. Quality and comfort just as I remember

Bradley Stauffer
Great shoe

Looks good, skates good. Love ‘em