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Sticks well to pedal

I'm enjoying the new shoes! I use cor commuting and the odd MTB day out. I had 5-10 freeriders for 2y and I can't really tell the difference on the bike! Only real complaint is that I would prefer more width in the toe box, it's not tight but it's not lot's (I could say the same of my 5-10)

2nd pair, 1st set still holding up

I’ve put the Culvert to the test. The toughest shoe I’ve ever ridden in. The only shoe I’ll jump mini bikes in and run with at the job site. 10/10

Liz Spencer
Comfy and sticky

While the shoe is not as foot shaped as I’d like (think Altra, Xero, and other natural foot shape shoe types), the upper is flexible and you can easily adjust the shoe laces to give more toe box space. The upper is also thick and protective, no problems with them being too hot on my feet as one reviewer noted. And I love the Velcro ankle strap for securing laces and snugging up at the ankle. The sole is super sticky too! Great mtb shoes, definitely would buy again.

Braxton Kehr
Great shoe but doesn’t last long

I’ve had the Culverts for a month now and they provide excellent grip on my pedals and great traction on the ground. Very comfortable! Unfortunately the sole is already coming apart from the shoe, there’s a big separation near the inside by the arch. I would hope the shoe could last more than a month. So it’s an excellent shoe! But my pair just didn’t last very long.

Josh Sharp
Culvert Mids

Super comfortable and durable shoes! Great buy!