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Russell Bottila

My son loves them

jurij udov?
I really like maranas

when you first try them on they feel like any other shoe, but after a few days when you walk em in,.. i like how nice they feel. Just gotta give ema a 2-3 days. A+ shoes. Dont take white ones if your gonna be working in the dirt.

for the price it’s alright

coming from vans, i suggest sticking to them if you’re thinking about a different shoe, i grew up on vans and still skated them, after seeing so many people hype these up i tried it , and i lost so much board feel compared to what i’m used too, i just recommend if you got really comfortable with something like vans just stick to those and don’t really branch out this far for how expensive these are , just my opinion after the break in period still couldn’t get used to them

Yellow Marana Michelin

My first Etnies shoe and the best skate shoe ever. The more I wear them, the more Im shore they are the best. Will order more of this one's for shore. You got a new fan for these.

my favorite shoes

I bought a pair of these like 2 years ago. I've welded in them, walked miles in the hundreds on pavement and in the woods...basically I put these shoes through so much **** they should have fell apart within the first few months but a couple years later the soles are barely starting to wear out. Aside from that they havent even started to fall apart, I even have the same laces they came with. The only thing that would make these better is if they came in steel toe.

I'm buying my second pair. I love these shoes.