1. What's your background? Where are you from, what do you do etc?
My name is Philip Morgan and I'm a Welsh artist from Cardiff, South Wales. My day job is making a living from painting, working for various clients including coffee shops, bars, bands and skateboard companies.
2. How did you get into art? 
I have been drawing from as long as I can remember. I didn't study art at a higher level but its always been something I could turn my hand to. I've had tons of jobs since leaving school at 16. I only started taking art more seriously about ten years ago when I designed my first skateboard graphic for my friends company. I've been working at my craft ever since.
3. What were your first pair of Etnies you ever owned?
I believe, if memory serves me correct, it was the all black Sal Barbier 23 from back in the nineties. I can remember the gum sole being the toughest shoe out there at the time. I think I bought a second pair after that.
4. What are the key things you've learned from skateboarding and the skateboard world?
From growing up from an early age with skateboarding and working for many years in an independent skate shop, the one thing I've learned from it is there is a real community to it all. It doesn't matter what background you come from, If you skate then let's go skate and hang out. We're all friends here. Friendships are formed. Some of my best friends have all come from the skate scene.
5. Favourite Etnies team rider?
Barney Page. He's been killing it for years back here in the UK. Great style. I've never met him but he seems like a good lad.
6. Inspiration behind the Etnies T Shirt designs?
I looked at all the elements that have made Etnies the shoe brand it is today and put my own twist on it. I looked at the older logos from previous years ad tried to make something fun with them. I hoping to work on other ideas I have if the offer was there in the future.